Registered Dietitian

Correct dietary deficiencies through a personalized nutrition program.

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Project Description

Registered Dietitian includes:

Our registered dietitians provide food and nutrition services to people of all ages, promoting optimal nutrition, well-being, and health. They are also responsible for integrating nutrition plans into a larger patient treatment plan.

  • Supervise the preparation and service of food

  • Develop modified diets

  • Advise on flavorsome, attractive, and nutritious food

  • Integrating nutrition plans

  • Promoting optimal nutrition

  • Providing food and nutrition services

  • Solutions to maintaining health

  • Managing chronic diseases

  • Navigating food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances


818 926 9057
31248 Oak Crest Dr., Suite 120
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Monday – Friday 9:00A – 8:00P
Saturday & Sunday 9:00A – 5:00P


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