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Family Owned

and operated since 2013.


Feld in the name pays homage to the Peled’s family history, a story that we’re happy to share with you: Sam’s father, Shlomo Feld, emigrated from Poland to Israel during the Holocaust. He overcame decrepit living conditions and acute hardships, but he escaped with his life. Many others faced worse fates. Throngs of refugees arrived in Israel, and the officials who were processing papers had to do so extremely quickly, often making mistakes. Thus, Shlomo Feld became Shlomo Peled.

The name FeldCare was chosen to honor the history of those whose sacrifices allowed us to be here today. Quite appropriately, “Feld” is a Yiddish word that means “field,” and since our clinicians are seeing patients “in the field” so to speak, it was the right choice.

FeldCare Connects is committed to providing the highest quality home health care for patients throughout the country. Every day, we collectively work together to ensure that our referral sources are pleased with our services and continue to refer to us.

We look forward to making a difference for the better in our communities.


Randi Peled
Randi PeledFounder & CEO
Randi gains fulfillment in knowing that, throughout her 20 year career in healthcare, she has had the opportunity to impact her community. She prides herself in being a caring mother and wife, and treats the whole team as her extended family.
Sam Peled
Sam PeledPresident & CFO
Sam is the father of the FeldCare Connects family. He has a keen eye for order, and ensures that process and policy are being followed in all corners of the organization. He is responsible for allocating resources (aka he controls the money).
Shachar Peled
Shachar PeledCOO
Shachar has a true knack for building innovative systems. He is in charge of the operations. With a B.S in physiology from UCSB, he’s now making a big impact in healthcare.
Gahl Peled
Gahl PeledVP of Expansion
Gahl is committed to promoting the happiness and progress of others. He uses this passion to expand the company to new territories and create processes that improve the quality of patient care.
Cici Cabrerra
Cici CabrerraDir Patient Services
Cici has worked in the rehab therapy industry for 22 years. Her service-oriented approach to the field ensures that every patient is cared for.
Sonya Griffith
Sonya GriffithDir Quality Control
Sonya, a licensed occupational therapist with close to 30 years of experience, ensures that every patient has the highest level of quality care.

Our Team

Our team consists of committed, knowledgeable, service-oriented individuals that ensure effective patient care. As your partner and therapy care provider, we are proud of the close relationship we build with you. Our team of professional therapists consists of highly qualified, caring individuals who are driven by a commitment to serving others and improving patients’ quality of life.

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Our Mission

To deliver compassionate, quality rehab therapy care to patients in their home and make a difference for the better in healthcare.


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