Physical Therapy

Develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functionality.

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Project Description

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists come up with extensive treatment plans to make sure that each individual regains functional ability. They examine each patient to find the best way to restore function, reduce pain, and prevent disability. Our physical therapists also create wellness and fitness programs for healthier and more active lifestyles to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs.

  • Assistance and retraining for active daily living

  • Coordination development and education on safety awareness

  • Guidance for prosthetics and adaptive equipment

  • Muscle control improvement

  • Pain management

  • Strength training and exercise programs

  • Energy conservation and management

  • Mobility enhancements and body mechanics

  • Balance training and fall prevention


818 926 9057
31248 Oak Crest Dr., Suite 120
Westlake Village, California 91361


Monday – Friday 9:00A – 8:00P
Saturday & Sunday 9:00A – 5:00P


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