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We provide in-home therapy services for all ages.

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Agencies & Facilities

FeldCare Connects provides and manages professional therapy care services for client agencies. We build strong partnerships with you to deliver the highest quality rehabilitation services for your patients.

  • Selection and retention of top clinical professionals

  • Flawless execution of referral coordination and intake process

  • Provision and management of therapy services for all ages

  • Consistent and courteous interoffice communication

  • Exceptional patient satisfaction

  • Innovative software for patient documentation

  • Electronic Medical Record access for patient records

  • HIPAA compliant

  • We abide by Medicare guidelines

FeldCare Connects is committed to achieving a standard of excellence. We provide patients with the most warmhearted quality care. We provide you with the most dedicated, passionate and experienced therapists to fit your needs, including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Therapy Assistants, as well as Registered Dietitians.


FeldCare Connects provides patients with the most warmhearted quality care. We connect our partner agencies to the top therapists and use the most innovative software to achieve efficient and effective patient care. Our therapy services Include:


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Private Pay Patients

We provide the best therapy services available. Have your needs met with our compassionate, dedicated therapists.

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