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About Us

We are dedicated to providing our clients and patients with the most exceptional therapy services. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by consistently providing quality professional therapy services with superior patient outcomes. Our company policy mandates our action to always reflect our goal- to help the patient. We promote ethics and integrity in a way that radiates our mission to our contract therapists and our home health agencies.

Throughout my fifteen year career in the healthcare field, I have had the distinguished privilege to be part of the growing therapy industry. We are passionate everyday, knowing that the work we do positively impacts our clients, our therapists, and our patients. We are fortunate to partner with people who feel a sense of accomplishment from their dedication to caring for others.

We maintain a rigorous customer service program, continually investing in our capabilities to better ourselves. Our recruitment and retention program allows us to hire the best-qualified therapists for our contracts.

We believe in advancing our reputation through our integrity, our exceptional service, and our values.

Thank you for choosing FeldCare Connects to achieve your goals.


Randi Peled, Founder and CEO
FeldCare Connects

Our Mission

“We help, we care, we connect.”

Our Team

Our team consists of committed, knowledgeable, service-oriented individuals that ensure my site effective patient care. As your partner and therapy care provider, we are proud of the close relationship we build with you.

Our team of professional therapists consists of highly qualified, caring individuals who are driven by a commitment to serving others and improving patients’ quality of life.

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